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Kobans and Money for free. It is real and easy step to be famous and enjoy until playing Hentai Heroes game. What is it – Hentai Heroes? Read below.

In this game you’ll have to create your harem of the Hentai girls. You have to explore this universe and get those girls to your team so you can join various sexual competitions and defeat your opponents. Keep an eye on your statistics and resources and look for the places where to gain all of them.

A the best RPG hentai sexual game which will place you directly into the middle of the action and will create you into making your own harem with super hot girls. A world of fantasy for the players who seek the ultimate thrill in hentai porn animation with love to combine the pleasure of a fine Role Playing Game – game with the sensuality of the Japanese hentai characters. The story gets complicated the further you advance into the game but in the same time, it will provide unlimited surprises and pleasure as you discover new and new women to dive into your harem of hentai love.

hentai heroes free kobans and money

How to GET Kobans and Money?

  1. 4th(33kobans) in a contest-be lucky to get a daily mission with a Koban reward and Money,
  2. Use the chance to get a 600 Kobans reward,
  3. For testing one of the games advertised in a banner pop-up,
  4. Buy them with real money-place 1st(67 Kobans),
  5. USE this WEBSITE and GET KOBANS and MONEY from GIVEAWAY Online.

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Why do you need KOBANS and MONEY for Hentai Heroes?

Kobans are the best, premium currency in Hentai Heroes. The primary way to GET Kobans is by paying real-world money. Kobans can be earned in-game through Missions or generate with use this WEBSITE. When you complete all your missions for the day, you are rewarded with 25 Kobans – fill the offer above and GET KOBANS and MONEY!

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What is it – paid features in Hentai Heroes. Free Hentai Heroes Generator, discount code is a the best way to get free Kobans and Money!

Paid Features – Playing adult sex games online, some users prefer not to spend money, yet if you want to get the juiciest features in Hentai Heroes, get ready to pay for the satisfaction and enjoy. The game has a special currency used for purchasing premium features. It is called KOBANS virtual currency. One can purchase kobans clicking on the “Test me” icon in the bottom left corner of the homepage. You can buy a discount code or get for free from this website.

Besides, the game users are offered to buy Silver Monthly Card Code that gives 1900 kobans (60 kobans/day) and free “Collect All” feature to collect money from your harem with a single click. Gold Monthly Card gives the player 4500 kobans (150/day), free “Collect All” feature, 10 free Villain performances, and 15 free League performances.

Among other paid features you’ll find: the possibility to restock items in the market shops; purchasing boosters in a booster shop; refreshing your opponents in the daily quest; purchase items for your character upgrade; change the theme you’ll see in the background of your town, and change your character’s avatar.The thing we’ve already mentioned in our Hentai Heroes review is the Pachinko building.

There you can play E. Pachinko or Great Pachinko. The first game is free for the new members, yet every new one will cost you a pretty penny. For example, 1 game costs 340 kobans. It gives a chance to win one girl or one item. Choosing a 10-games option, you will get 1 girl and 9 items, whereas Draft option guarantees to win a girl, which you may choose between the two.